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I am GG, an artist, art doula, SoulCollage(r) facilitator, and Vision Quest practitioner.

I encourage others to lead creative, soulful lives and

deepen the relationship with their souls and spirits through artistic expression. 


Most of us long to be seen and recognized for the unique gifts we offer the world. Too often this inherent part of us gets stifled at an early age, or is put on the back burner because of our busy lives and careers. Carl Jung said something like this: "Each of us has an appointment with our authentic self in mid-life; not all of us choose to keep that appointment." Would you like to keep your appointment? Creating visual imagery with art and SoulCollage is a path toward finding your way to authenticity and wholeness. When you awaken heart-felt creativity you take another step on the path toward happiness. I know, because I have lived this journey and want to help others find their way. Come join me for an art or SoulCollage workshop and I will help you step closer to your True Creative Voice. 

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." Rumi

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