About Glenda "GG"

I am a mixed media artist. art doula and SoulCollage® facilitator living in Salem, Oregon. As an artist, friend, mother and grandmother, nature lover and journeyer, I feel closest to my own soul when creating art, teaching my grandchildren to love the earth, and sharing art and SoulCollage with others.


My heart is happiest when I'm helping people birth their own authentic creativity. I call myself an "art doula" because my role is to support others as they work through the various stages of artistic expression. 


My professional life was in the field of human resources, following a short career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. In my 40's the longing to shed layers and return to my authentic self took hold, and my spiritual journey began. I turned away from striving for career success and turned toward soul searching to live a more fulfilled life.  

 In my 50's I became a practitioner of the ceremony of the vision quest, a ritual of trekking alone into the wilderness for days of prayer and fasting. Now I quest every year to stay close to nature and conscious of how I am living my life. I bring this intimate relationship with the earth and Mother Nature into my art, teaching and writing. 

Words from a student: GG, you have such a warm, safe and creative way with the classes. I loved the experience of having you be the art doula for  my first SoulCollage cards, helping me with the technical aspects but also just being present and supportive." Lorie G. 

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