Carl Jung said every person has an appointment with their authentic self in midlife. Are you keeping your appointment? 

And so began the journey to know more about my own soul's code — all of the aspects of my character and self that make me a unique individual. When I reached mid-life, this journey led me to discover the artist within through working with clay and mixed media. On a surface level, it's been very affirming to have received some awards and to have sold my work in local galleries and shops.


On a deeper level, I know that my creativity comes from my soul's code this lifetime. I create, therefore I am! Artistic expression is a way of spiritual renewal and soul rejuvenation. Getting into the flow of shaping clay or tearing paper and combining shapes, colors, textures, is a step into the great mystery that, for me, is love in tangible form.

Mixed Media Collage and Clay Art

Art is for sale unless otherwise indicated. Contact GG for prices.  

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Home is Where the HeART Is Mobile
SOLD Sitka Sunrise
SOLD 99.9%
October Longings
SOLD Dragonfly, Spirit of Change.JPG
SOLD Mushroom Madness
Cave Hunters.jpg
Cave Hunters 2.jpg
Cave Hunters 3
SOLD Once in a Blue Moon
SOLD Exotic City Scape
SOLD Escalante Dream
SOLD Cosmic Alignment
Autumn Sunshine Exultation (2)
Summer Sunshine Exultation
SOLD Cave Painting Horses
SOLD Rhapsody Under a Blue Moon
Cave Painting Horses 2.jpg
Dreaming of Iris
SOLD Gift from Mother Earth
SOLD 3 Autumn Birds
SOLD Ancestor Spirits in My Garden
Earth Beings
Mystical Midden
Water and Rocks
SOLD Joyful Purpose
SOLD 99.9%
SOLD Sitka Sunrise
Bridge of Birds
SOLD No Time to Waste!
SOLD Ancestors
SOLD Birds of a Feather 3
Birds of a Feather 2
Birds of a Feather 1
SOLD Summer at Sitka
Full Moon Serenade
SOLD Honey in the Heart.JPG
SOLD Live Love Laugh.JPG
SOLD Alone, But Not Lonely.JPG
SOLD Wabi Sabi Dream
SOLD Love Letters From Birds.JPG
Spirit Offering to the Ancestors
SOLD The Heart of the Offering
Black Madonna
SOLD Sleeping in the Forest
SOLD Don't Go Back to Sleep
Cave Painting Horses
Flock of Wild Bird Girls
Frida (Not for Sale)

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