Carl Jung said every person has an appointment with their authentic self in midlife. Are you keeping your appointment? 

And so began the journey to know more about my own soul's code — all of the aspects of my character and self that make me a unique individual. When I reached mid-life, this journey led me to discover the artist within through working with clay and mixed media. On a surface level, it's been very affirming to have received some awards and to have sold my work in local galleries and shops.


On a deeper level, I know that my creativity comes from my soul's code this lifetime. I create, therefore I am! Artistic expression is a way of spiritual renewal and soul rejuvenation. Getting into the flow of shaping clay or tearing paper and combining shapes, colors, textures, is a step into the great mystery that, for me, is love in tangible form.

Mixed Media Collage and Clay Art

Art is for sale unless otherwise indicated. Contact GG for prices.  

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SOLD Water Spirit Goddess

Hand built clay with acrylic patina 11 x 9 inches Glenda Goodrich, Artist