• Glenda Goodrich

First MeCards4Kids Class in the Down to Earth Studio

On Saturday afternoon, March 8th, I offered my first MeCards4Kids class. It was much more fun than I even imagined it might be. Being around children definitely brought out the kid in me and the class flowed along quite comfortably and joyfully. There were five children, three grandmas and one mom in the Down to Earth Studio. As the photos show, the kids made some amazing cards and story poems. The photo featured here is three year old Silas and his "One Winged Dragon" MeCard.

The kids took a few play breaks now and then, but they created for a good two hours down in the studio making their MeCards. They were thoughtful of one another and shared images (“Oh, you like space? Here is a picture of a star galaxy for you.”). Ten year-old Anteo gave one of his cards away to 7 year old Channing saying “I think one story poem is about all I can handle.” It was encouraging to watch the kids work and play together so happily and easily. There was a lot of laughter and I so loved having the energy of kids in the studio. And, as with the SoulCollagers who gather here, their cards were as varied as their little souls and spirits; and all of them were just perfect! I was really tired and very inspired at the end of the day. Here’s to more MeCards4Kids classes here at the Down to Earth Studio.


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