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CollagePlay! In the Flow of Creativity

Above image is Marie's mixed media piece "Tell Me Your Dream"

Time stood still in the CollagePlay mixed media class yesterday; we were definitely in the flow of creativity. We created together, shared ideas, laughed a lot, and the day just flew by. We didn’t want to break for lunch, but knew we needed nourishment to keep going—that’s the only reason we stopped at all!

I was so delighted with everyone’s finished piece, and, more importantly, so were they. I shared several techniques—ways to start, backgrounds, making your own stencils from chosen images, sponge painting, along with some basic tips on design and composition. Honestly, beyond all that, I think what made the time extraordinary was the supportive and encouraging environment that the group created together.

The collective energy of creative spirit was with us yesterday. At one point we made a rule (actually the ONLY rule we had all day!) that we would have an apology-free day; no apologies necessary! You know that automatic response “Oh, I’m sorry…” to any small thing we did or mistake we might have made? Well, it was verboten yesterday!

The creative flow we experienced may also have something to do with making art on a rainy spring day. Spring season is the direction of the East on the medicine wheel, where the sun rises. The medicine of the East is inspiration, birth and new beginnings. Here’s to new beginnings in art and creativity.

My good friend Maggie said as she got in her car to go home, “You’re the best damned art doula I know!” One of the highest compliments I’ve ever received.

Do you feel spring stirring within you? If so, how does the inspiration of the East speak to you?


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