• Glenda Goodrich

Shrines for Hope and Healing Workshop - Take 2!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Yesterday was another magical day of shrine making with seven Creative Souls in the Down to Earth Studio. Shrine makers worked intently on crafting every small detail, sometimes in silence, sometimes with laughter. The day just flew by as we were held in the flow; time seemed to stand still in that space. And, once again. the Down to Earth Studio was blessed with the grace of community creating together.

Once they are finished shrines want to be witnessed and appreciated to fully work their magic. They can bring us peace and comfort and serve as reminders to slow down and focus on what is important in our lives—our hearts, and our souls. Here are photos of yesterday's little beauties.

There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground (Thank you, Rumi). We can all do our own form of ground-kissing and kneeling. It really changes the world, don't you think?

And when we spend more time kneeling and kissing, our big fat egos get softer, and our hearts get lighter. We become more soulful.

And when we hug it's not our ribs and arms touching, but something more.

Namaste' Dear Ones, GG


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