About SoulCollage® 

"She who knows others is wise. She who knows herself is englightened."

                 Lao Tzu

My art and soul journey has led me to become an art doula who helps people discover and explore their own creative journey. Years ago, as an outdoor guide for my heart business "Down to Earth Adventures" I lead women on outdoor excursions to deepen spiritual connection with nature. My own longing for connection to the Great Spirit and Mother Earth has grown deeper through vision questing in deserts and mountains, and through my years-long involvement in circle council devoted to the Four Shields of Human Nature as represented by the Native American Medicine Wheel. These pathways to soul encounter helped me claim the gifts I have to offer the world—the medicine I bring back to the tribe—which brought me to SoulCollage.


In SoulCollage participants create 5" X 8" cards which have deep personal meaning. Following the simple directions, hands move cut-out magazine images around, fitting them together in surprising ways. Cards containing the images selected come straight through the Soul, bypassing the mind. Collagers are gently guided and supported in a creative, intuitive process to deepen connection to Soul and Source. Many of us seem to suffer from Depleted Soul Syndrome because of our busy lives, time interacting with technology, and all of the many things that compete for our attention. SoulCollage is about taking time out for Soul tending.

What a delight it is to share SoulCollage with others in my studio or at wedding showers, baby showers, and even memorials. Participants have ranged from age 10 to age 90; everyone gets something rich out of the experience. SoulCollage can be a very powerful tool in work places to help people adjust to changes, transitions and losses. And it can be just a fun health and wellness activity to spice up the work week. I love to share, play and facilitate the process of "Re-membering the Self through SoulCollage."


Through the artistic and soul-reading aspects of SoulCollage and
through learning to use the "I am one who..." process, we begin to understand more about how our soul is expressing itself through imagery. This can open up a whole new way of thinking and feeling. Making SoulCollage cards is an act of loving compassion and
soul tending. Through SoulCollage we journey together to learn more about all the shadow and positive aspects of ourselves, our relationships with others, and our life's work. We come closer to knowing the unique medicine we bring to our tribe. 

Please join me in experiencing how soul-tending can deepen your life. 


Contact me at 503-990-0278 for more details about workshops

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